Can Do Obedience School Inc. ® (Est. 1982)


Shirley & Alan Goodman


Phone: (416) 447-7347 or Email: 



APPLICATION FORM  (Please answer fully & sign before returning)


Owner’s Name: ____________________________________________________


Address: __________________________________________________________




Phone Number:  (Home) ______________ (Business) ___________________


Dog’s Name: ______________________Breed:__________________________


Current age of dog: __________ Age of dog when you got him: ___________                   


Spayed/Neutered :_______ How many persons in the household: _________


Where did you get your dog? (Breeder/Pet Store/Rescue/Other)_________


What goals have you got for your dog - Manners/Competition/Therapy/






Have you owned a dog before? ___ Have you trained a dog before? _______


Has your dog ever bitten another dog or person? ________________(Yes/No)


If ‘Yes’ Please give circumstances: _____________________________________




How did you hear about Can Do? ____________________________________








Ø      All dogs start in Level 1, unless evaluated and moved up by an instructor.


Ø      All dogs must be fully vaccinated and proof of current shots and negative

      stool are required.


Ø      Please enclose a copy of Vaccination Certificate, signed by a Veterinarian with

      your signed, dated application and a cheque (not post-dated).


Ø      Registration is in order of received information and payment, no places saved.









Ø     CAN DO reserves the right to remove a dog, or replace a handler, if in the opinion

      of the instructor, either presents a problem or hazard.


Ø      Can Do will be diligent in caring for the safety of all dogs and handlers enrolled.


Ø      It is every dog-owner’s responsibility to have clean, healthy dogs and to keep them

      under control and on a lead.


Ø      In case of accident or injury, CAN DO and its members, cannot be held 

      responsible for loss or damage to any dog, person, or property, however caused.


Ø      Your signature acknowledges acceptance of the above terms  (minors must

      have a parent or guardian sign).







Ø      Applicants will only be notified if there is any change .


Ø      We look forward to meeting you and you dog.    


Ø      We started Can Do 28 years ago so we could help you & your dog form a

      stronger bond, and  help to promote responsible dog ownership!


     Ø  For further details either:

          Phone: (416) 447-7347 or Email: 








  Our Two 1 Year Old Litter Mates:    

Ch. Carolee's Something Special and 

 Ch. Carolee's Cafe au Lait, Can.Am. CD and WC, OD

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