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Name:  Dawn                       





Country: Canada


  Date: 17 Dec 2004

Comment: Congratulations on an impressive and informative website. I am happy to recommend it to others. Interesting reading and beautiful pictures. Thank you for such a pleasant browse.


Name:   Joan Harwood                            Email:   mjharwood@sympatico


Country:   Canada Date:   20 Dec 2004  

Comment: Love your web site. Great memories. We have always loved your dogs; they have made wonderful members of our family for many years.

Name:   Luba Maisterrena       Email:
Country:   Canada     Date:   30 Dec 2004

Comment: I have wonderful memories of the classes I   took with you with my Droojzhok. I now need to take classes with Onegin - puppy and show. Many Thanks. Luba.

Name: John and Jean Leaming Email:
Country: USA  Date: 5 Jan 2005

Comment: Hi Shirley and Al, Love your web site. I can see that you keep busy. Let me know if you get this message. Do you have another e-mail address?

Love Jack and Jean

Name:   Suzanne                            Email:
Country:   Canada   Date:   13 Jan 2005

Comment: Thanks you two! Cubbie is a great puppy! I do love her so, even though I don't get to see her often! Thanks again for the wonderful puppy!

Name:   Dawn and Wilf            Email:
Country:   Canada            Date:   22 Jan 2005  

Comment: Seeing Lady 'D' our beloved Dobe attending your obedience classes was amazing. Thank you for helping us to be more responsible and knowledgable. We watched our lively bundle of uncontrolable, mischevious puppy joy, develop into the regal, well behaved, contented, most loyal and pleasing friend and companion imaginable. We are all so happy together! Dawn and Wilf

Name: Cynthia Bolton          Email:
Country: Canada  Date: 30 Jan 2005

Comment: The best thing I have ever done was buying my 2 goldens from Al and Shirley, both are champions and have the true golden temperament that is so hard to find. I met two of the dearest people in the world and have made great friends for life. Al and Shirley - you're the best!! This is a fantastic web site!! It matches the awesome goldens you own and produce!!

Name: Sue Betts               
Country: Canada   Date: 17 Feb 2005 

Comment: Website is awesome. Kudos to both of you for your many years of accomplishments. Can Do is also the best place to train your dog! Wish I lived closer. All the best to you both.

Name: Mark Thompson Email:
Country: Canada  Date: 1 Apr 2005 

Comment: Great website. I grew up with one of your dogs and have never seen his like since. My family will be getting one of your puppies soon and I look forward to years of joy.


Name: Donna Mills                          Email:
Country: Canada  Date: 6 Apr 2005 

Comment: The best thing I ever did for Bonnie was taking her to Can Do Obedience classes. We learned a lot, had a great time and laughed a lot too. I would never have had as much pleasure out of my labrador had I not attended these classes.Thank you.Donna and Bonnie X0X0


Name: Marcia                   Email:
Country: Kansas  Date: 2 May 2005

Comment:  I still remember Strider. He was such a Great Dog.


Name: Thrashers                  Email:
Country: Canada    Date: 9 May 2005 

Comment: Hi Mr. & Mrs. Goodman. The best thing we ever did was get Gibson (Keeper's son). Rory was a hard act to follow but Gibson is wonderful. We are always being told how beautiful he is especially from other Golden owners! The same happened with Rory. Even more important than looks is his personality. He is loved by so many! Cant wait to have our 3rd !

PS. He's already enjoying the pool and as always was the first one in!

Name: Erin McNeilage Van De Wiele          Email:
Country: Canada  Date: 30 May 2005

Comment: Hi Shirley and Al, I love your website. It brings back so many fond memories of Can Do, with Jake. I also really appreciated the tribute to Jake in your 'Fond Memories' and 'Our Flowers' sections. Although Jake is a hard act to follow, we are enjoying our golden retriever, Dugan (Sherhaven's Double Take-out). Glad to see you are doing well. Erin



Name: Diane Earl Oscar



Country: Canada  Date: 14 July 2005

Comment: Caro loved your web site. Can't wait to show it to Karen. The dogs are so precious and your pictures are wonderful. How about lunch sometime soon. Diane


Name: Mart Gross and Nancy Gerrish
Country:  Canada Date: 2 September 2005

Comment: We love our Carolee Golden, Ivy, the result of careful and selective breeding for many years by the wonderful Shirley and Al Goodman.

Name: Jody Wong                          Email:
Country: Canada  Date: 1 Nov 2005

Comment: Will be looking for a Golden puppy very soon. Perhaps within the year. You're a definately possibility.


Name: Maire                              





Country: Canada 


Date: 4 Dec 2005

Comment: The puppies are lovely. I will call over and see them very soon.

Name: Devon




Country: Canada 


 Date: 7 Dec 2005

Comment: Hi Nana, it's Devon here. I miss you so much, and its so close to Christmas! I can't wait to see you. :)  I love your site and all of your cute dogs and puppies! Anyhow, I better get going now, talk to you later!

Love from your grandaughter, Devon xoxoxox

Name: Louise                                Email:
Country: Canada    Date: 2 Jan 2006

Comment: Hi, the puppies are so cute. See you soon. Louise


Name: Sara                   Email:
Country: France  Date: 6 Jan 2006 

Comment: I always enjoy your website, your dogs are so beautiful and your website is excellent as well. I can't wait until I can get a puppy of my own.


Name: Sydney  
Country: Canada  Date: 4 Feb 2006

Comment: Nice site. My Aunt got a dog from your place (Kahlua) and she is so playful and funny. Thanks!


Name: Correen and Marc           Email:
Country: Canada  Date: 25 May 2006

Comment: Dear Al and Shirley, Great website, so enjoy your classes, Kodi in 96' Monty JR and now little Goldie. Your Goldens are lovely, we have refered many fellow dog lovers to your classes and all have great feedback! Keep up the great work and hope to see you really soon. Correen and Marc.


Name: Judit Szirmak



Country: Canada  Date: 23 Feb 2007 16:03:57 GMT

Comment: Hi,We are looking for a golden puppy very soon - we just lost our golden, he was almost 14 years old-. Kids are desperate for an other one. Please let me know if you are having puppies before the summer.Great website!


Name: Kimberley Rutledge Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: CANADA  IP Address:  Date: 29 May 2007 17:50:45 GMT

Comment: Nana! I love your website. You have done so well with it. I have new pictures of Gem that we can post, let me know and I will send them to you:). Lots of Love, your grand daughter Kimberley.

Name: Arlene Kotick Email:
Welcome Page:   
Country: CANADA  IP Address:  Date: 5 Oct 2007 14:40:32 GMT

Comment: Just browsing on the computer to see old friends. A very impressive web site. Best of luck to both of you and may you have many more years of training and good health. Miss you guys. Love to all. Arlene

Name: Yasmin Parish Email:
Welcome Page:   
Country: CANADA  IP Address:  Date: 1 Feb 2009 20:32:12 GMT

Comment: Great website!



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